“Change is the hallmark of any business environment today. Through Steve’s coaching, I’ve learned to see change as the always-unfolding opportunity that it is. Steve has reshaped my business mindset from one of a survivalist to that of a forward-looking thought leader in my field. Steve’s highly-nuanced ability to relate to my needs in just the right way means I leave every session feeling like my batteries have just been fully recharged. Hands down, this is the best investment I’ve made in the 28 years since I started my business.”
-Hank Zachry, Caswell, Zachry, Grizzard

Common Issues Our Clients Face

Organizational Health & Vitality

You’ve got a good idea about where your organization needs to go and what it should look like.

An effective company is a cohesive community where purpose, process, and people come together in concert.

Your goal is to increase engagement, overcome challenges, and create that concerted, cohesive workplace community.

Nebulous goals, uncertainty, lack of measuring what matters, and indecision are keeping you from the workplace community that you know you need.

Intelligently designing the culture of your workplace will mean the difference between disengaged and highly productive teammates.

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In over 40 years in industry, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and have seen as many different work cultures. We have come to understand how individuals impact teams and cultures and the intricate human dynamics at play in the workplace.

With this experience, we can help you apply cutting edge science to the people side of your business. We can give you rapid insights and real solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The impact of our engagement with Goodner Strategic Consulting on our team was almost instantaneous. Steve and Ann provided us with pragmatic insights that not only opened new channels of communication between team members, but also gave me, as a small business owner, the tools I needed to become a more effective leader. This engagement was an investment that will continue to pay dividends for my company for years to come.”

Hank Zachry, President

Caswell, Zachry, Grizzard

“Having opened my business less than one year ago, I cannot imagine performing mass hiring in a short amount of time without the help of Goodner Strategic Consulting. Through our partnership I clearly defined my business culture, core values, and core competencies centered around who I am as an owner. Their ability to create a tailor made selection criteria I believe is a direct correlation to outpacing the performance our competition and reducing turnover expenditures. They truly have your best interest at heart and intentionally create customized systems that work for you.”

Matt Bridges, Owner/Operator

Chick-Fil-A Eldorado & Ridge

“As a small business owner, I was initially hesitant to invest both the time and financial resources into the type of assessments that GSC recommended in our search for a key position within the company. However, I am glad I did. In the end, I believe that the time and financial commitments we made saved us both in the long term, as we were able to hire a great fitting candidate and not repeat hiring mistakes we had in the past, all at a much lower cost than would be incurred using staffing agencies.”

Sean Huang, President

Huang Acrylic

It’s All About the Environment You Want To Live and Work In

a process of discovery, insight, planning, and preparing for your vision, your people, and your culture.

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