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Hot Cognition


The Secret to Extraordinary Sales Success What is this thing called hot cognition? It’s where numerous critical functions in the brain “light up” at the same time around a specific idea or opportunity. It’s a convergence of logic, IQ, EQ, memory, and other brain functions to ignite creativity, desire, and drive. The neuroscience [...]

Hot Cognition2020-07-10T12:34:25-06:00

Engaging Neuroscience


Engaging Neuroscience to Make Your Best Decisions What will the new normal look like? I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last two months, but is it the right question to ask? That question  implies we’re waiting to see what the new normal will be [...]

Engaging Neuroscience2020-05-10T09:32:16-06:00

FIT Hiring


Hiring Right In A (Post) Covid-19 World It may seem too early to even think about hiring new talent as we all figure out how to navigate the new reality caused by the pandemic. While many organizations are going out-of-business or laying employees off to survive, there will come a time in the [...]

FIT Hiring2020-04-30T16:07:23-06:00

Surviving Today To Thrive Tomorrow


3 Critical Steps in Continuity Planning In the era of COVID-19 and the unprecedented change it has brought, most organizational leaders have been thrust into making decisions they may not have been prepared to make. The long-term, robust economy has come to a screeching halt (or at least a significant pause). Leadership muscles [...]

Surviving Today To Thrive Tomorrow2020-04-19T11:53:54-06:00

Leading Through Uncertainty: Thriving in a VUCA World


If there was ever a good example of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) dynamic in our world, it’s the COVID-19 health concern. It’s the perfect storm of panic driven by massive amounts of conflicting information, technology driving that information into our lives, and global disruption of critical services and cultural events. The list continues [...]

Leading Through Uncertainty: Thriving in a VUCA World2020-03-19T14:10:32-06:00

A Healthy Mindset
In A (Health) Crisis


As we hear the news every day about Coronavirus, our emotions are triggered. Everything from fear and anxiety to uncertainty rattles through our brains, but what is true? While we cannot control others spreading the virus, and certainly can’t control the media’s daily promotion of disaster, we can control how we choose to respond. [...]

A Healthy Mindset
In A (Health) Crisis

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