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With more than 35 years of experience, we understand the challenges, opportunities and desires of individuals and organizations. 

  • For Business – We have expertise in organizational diagnosis…and a gift to see to the heart of the issue, for individuals, leaders, teams and for the entire organization.
  • For Personal – We have worked with thousands of individuals to understand their unique strengths and developmental opportunities…and help them create a personal plan to achieve the transformation and goals they desire.
  • For Youth – We have experience working with youth who face the difficult challenges in today’s fast paced world…providing them the tools, learning and empowerment needed to succeed.


At GSCFIT, we have been using assessments for more than 25 years and have a deep understanding of what information assessments will provide and what they will not. We understand how to use assessments to gain rapid insight into the current reality. This provides clarity and confidence in creating a “pathway to success”. We are certified assessment professionals with a comprehensive variety of assessment resources available.

Whether gaining insight into yourself, or into others, it is critical to get the best information possible. This information is the basis for important decisions. The adage, “better data, better decisions”, is true most of the time. When considering complex human dynamics, there are a limited number of ways to gain insight. Validated assessments that provide actionable data create an advantage for individuals, teams and businesses in accelerating their success.

Vital Signs

Leadership Vital Signs & Leadership Vital Signs 360
Team Vital Signs
Organizational Vital Signs

The Vital Signs assessments are specifically designed to measure engagement and the drivers of success in an individual leader, a team or an organization. These drivers impact four key outcomes necessary for sustainable success.


DISC Classic
DISC Feedback

DISC (Behavioral): This is a traditional four quadrant behavioral assessment, but uses significant advances in technology to provide greater insight and understanding. Measuring both internal and external of how someone is adapting to their environment, this is a foundational tool in both selection and development.

Six Seconds

SEI Leadership & Leadership 360
SEI Development
SEI Neural Network
SEI Brain Profiles
SEI-YV – Youth Version

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), according to recent articles in Harvard Business Review, is the key to professional success. It is the “currency of connection”. The level of EQ an individual determines their ability and capacity to connect with others in the workplace in an effective and productive manner.


Multi-level competency assessments
Custom Competency assessment (position specific)
Cognitive measures
Assessments with combined interview document
Developmental assessment & 360

The Assess/Outmatch suite of assessments are personality and competency based, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a position and an organization. From basic competency models to highly specifically customized competency models, these assessments are invaluable in people decisions.


Curious about how EQ can help you or your organization?