Critical Services:
Recovery and Continuity Planning

Sometimes, there are things you can’t plan for, and we’re here to help you not only recover with a rapid deployment service when that happens but also develop a continuity plan for ongoing growth. Here’s how we can help:

  • Continuity planning (a plan for people today and in the future)
  • Protecting employer brand
  • Supporting leadership
  • Creating and facilitating critical change initiatives
  • Facilitating high functioning teams
  • Support of staff still employed
  • Support staff that have been displaced
  • Enhancing engagement and productivity in a virtual dynamic
  • Accelerating sales efforts
  • Virtual selling skills
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The Right People:
Search & Proprietary
Hiring Process

You know finding the right people is critical to success today and sustainability tomorrow. How do you find people that fit? That is the challenge! Deep insight into the specific needs, characteristics, values, skills, and experience is vital to selecting talent that will thrive in your organization.

At GSCFIT, we combine cutting edge science with more than 25 years of experience and proven, proprietary processes and tools to provide not just a good fit, not just the best fit but the right fit, and we guarantee it!

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The Right Metrics:
Assessments & KPIs

“What gets measured is what gets done.” It’s a familiar quote, but are you measuring the right things? How do you measure leadership, trust, team dynamics, or engagement in your organization? Without clear insight into these critical areas, focus and resource may be misapplied which creates a longer path to reach your goals. GSCFIT has the tools and experience to help you identify what measurements truly matter. We are assessment professionals who know how to “connect the dots” of assessment data and give you unparalleled insight. Better data + certified professionals to interpret that data = better decisions.

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The Right Leadership:
Coaching, Consulting, Training & Leadership

You know that good leadership is critical to sustainable success. What does good leadership look like? How do you measure it? Trust, execution, motivation, teamwork, and the ability to lead through change. These are the key drivers of leadership. We have specific assessments (SEI-LTC, LVS360) to measure these drivers and develop specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for leadership growth.

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The Right Path Forward:
People Strategies, Consulting,
and Development

You understand your business and the goals you want to achieve. You have developed processes and structures to be successful. The challenge: How do you create a plan for people that achieves your goals and accelerates your success? We know how to design a best path forward for you, your team, and your organization. From assessments to coaching, training, consulting, proprietary hiring processes, or change facilitation, we provide total solutions customized to your specific needs.

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The Right Change:
Focused Intentional Transformation

“More than 70% of change initiatives fail.” –Gallup

How can you ensure you are in the 30% of change efforts that succeed? Let us show you how to create a strategic plan for your desired change and put that plan into action!

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What To Expect

Organizational Health & Vitality

Your Organization’s Health Is Vital

Let us help you gain clarity, design the best path forward, and integrate it into your workplace so you can achieve the outcome you desire.

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