Sales: Revenue Generation

The lifeblood of any organization is revenue. For robust organizational health, revenue generation is critical.

What does steady revenue generation look like?
A steadily growing flow of revenue that exceeds current needs, provides desired margins, and fuels the journey to the preferred future.

Challenges our clients face:

Long Sales Cycles

  • Delayed sales success
  • Inefficient time/resource management
  • Lack of focus

Lack of Goal Fulfilment

  • Not meeting sales goals
  • Ineffective strategies
  • Lack of action plan
  • Low energy in sales effort
  • Lack of focus on priorities

Limitation of Access

  • Limited access to buyers
  • Change in buying methods
  • Limitations due to health regulations

Need For Virtual Sales

  • Connecting, selling, presenting, value propositions, prospecting – all in a new virtual dynamic

Low Customer Retention & Satisfaction

  • Low satisfaction and loyalty
  • Lack of strong connection with decision-makers

GSCFIT Solutions that are here for you!

The EQFIT® Approach

Accelerating Sales Success Through Neuroscience
  • Integrating emotional intelligence into the sales effort for better and faster desired outcomes
  • Training the salesperson to build connections that lead to increased sales
  • Increase a salesperson’s motivation, energy, and ability to influence
  • Learn how buyer’s make buying decisions and apply skills that will remove objections and roadblocks to closing sales

The EQFIT® Sales Profile

Measure a salesperson's application of the critical factors for sales success
  • Understand how that is impacting their sales style
  • Measure enhancement or limitations in sales success
  • Create the best path forward for the salesperson to grow their sales success

Virtual Workplace Solutions

Learn, understand, and apply virtual selling techniques that accelerate sales success
  • Understand how that is impacting their sales style
  • Measure enhancement or limitations in sales success
  • Create the best path forward for the salesperson to grow their sales success


Leadership is the ability to bring clarity and focus to what is important and engage others in a shared effort to achieve the desired outcomes.

What does good leadership look like?

Creating impactful and sustainable levels of the five drivers of leadership success:
Trust, Motivation, Execution, Teamwork, and managing change well.
These drivers lead to four critical leadership outcomes:
Influence, Design, Direction, and Efficacy.

Challenges our clients face with their leadership:

Uncertain Leadership Capacity

  • Restricts organizational health and vitality results in lost opportunity

Few Efficacy Measures

  • Leads to unrealized potential and lack of growth/development KPIs

Skill Gaps

  • leads to limited growth, motivation, execution, trust, teamwork, and the ability to lead well throughout change

Poor Decision Making

  • Negatively impacts the engagement of employees and overall productivity and profitability

Vague Success Pathways

  • Leads to uncertainty and resistance to change while limiting organizational health and vitality

Limited Agility & Resilience

  • Limits the ability of leaders and employees to embrace change and opportunity

Poor Alignment

  • Creates division, lowers employee engagement, and increases loss of productivity/innovation/profitability

Lack of Clarity & Focus

  • Results in diminished outcomes

GSCFIT Solutions


  • Bring focus to identify what is important
  • Integrate proven assessments to gain accurate insight into current leadership effectiveness
  • Create a clear, metrics driven process to achieve the desired change and outcomes.

EQFIT® leadership training and coaching

  • EQuip leaders to become more agile and resilient
  • Co-create the best path forward for the leader and the people they lead
  • Empower and EQuip leadership and leadership teams to reach optimal communication, collaboration and decision making outcomes
  • EQuip the five drivers of leadership success and how to apply them for optimal results

Virtual Workplace Solutions

  • Learn & apply virtual leadership skills
  • Tools that measure employee and team engagement and productivity and best practices for managing performance with remote workers
  • Become adept at virtual connections and meetings
  • Cultivate the desired culture with a remote work force
  • Leadership insights for the virtual workplace (measures and methods)


Productivity is the output from the effort of individuals, leaders, and teams. The measure of this output determines if desired goals, outcomes, and ROI have been achieved.

What does good productivity look like?
When an individual, leader, or team is operating at optimal levels, Organizational Health and Vitality is at its strongest. Productivity is an effective combination of the five drivers of success for leaders, teams, and organizations: Trust, Motivation, Teamwork, Execution, managing Change, and all to a degree that meets and exceeds goals and desired outcomes.

Challenges our clients face with productivity:

No Real-Time Measures

  • Leads to gaps in organizational health and vitality

Low Employee Engagement

  • Leads to lower productivity

Lagging Profitability

  • Lowers engagement levels, limits competitive advantage
  • Opportunity cost
  • Unrealized profit

Lack of Adaptability

  • Limits innovation and optimal organizational health
  • Inability to manage & grow through change

Dysfunctional Teams

  • Leads to conflict, contention, and loss of focus

Poor Communication

  • Promotes dissention, lack of teamwork, lower motivation, redundant work.
  • Leads to lower productivity and profitability, lower levels of collaboration and innovation, and unhealthy organization culture

Lack of Accountability

  • Promotes lack of a personal ownership and accountability resulting in slower task completion, negative customer impact, and reduced organizational success

Problem Solving Gaps

  • Recurring issues lead to waste and increased expense

Poor Individual/Team Alignment

  • Slows or blocks achievement of desired outcomes

Vague Success Pathways

  • Diminishes engagement, focus, and both personal and professional growth

GSCFIT Solutions


  • Bring focus to identify what is important
  • Gain insight through proprietary processes and validated assessments
  • Co-create the best path forward for the desired transformation


  • Focus on key performance metrics
  • Utilize proven assessments for clarity and direction
  • Develop performance KPIs and progress measures

Team Building

  • Team analysis
  • Co-create best path forward for team development
  • EQuip team members to operate and collaborate at optimal levels

Organizational Health & Vitality

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Co-create Organizational Health and Vitality Plan
  • Implement strategies, tactics and resources for enhanced Organizational Health and Vitality

Virtual Workplace Solutions

  • Learn, understand, and apply tools and methods for increasing productivity with a remote work force
  • Tools, trainings and coaching to promote higher productivity
  • Equip employees and leaders to be more agile, resilient and change embracing
  • Enhanced communication methods
  • Equip leaders and employees with tools and processes to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty


The most important asset any organization has is its people. Creating a competitive advantage through people is a unique strength of GSCFIT.

What does good talent look like?
A F.I.T. employee will fit the needs of the position, team, and organization. However, they should also fit the culture, personality, customer focus, and chemistry necessary to compliment your success.

Challenges our clients face with talent:

Poor Hiring Decisions

  • Creates expensive turnover and opportunity cost

Uncertainty In Hiring

  • Causes delays and added expense

Unclear Development Process

  • Limits growth, agility, resilience, productivity, morale, and missed opportunity
  • Existing talent gone undiscovered

No 'People Strategy'

  • Leaves uncertainty in the path forward for everyone

Inconsistent Onboarding Processes

  • Limits rapid engagement and productivity

Unclear Performance Standards

  • lower productivity and profitability, decreased morale and engagement, diminished organizational health and vitality

Disengaged Employees

  • Decreased productivity, lack of innovation, poor performance measures, increased employee turnover and cost

GSCFIT Solutions


  • Evaluation and recommendations for greater hiring success
  • Integration of proven proprietary hiring processes
  • Customized pre-hire assessment packages (with feedback)
  • Retained search services with guarantee (industry leading success rate)

Talent Analysis

  • Assess and evaluate current staff
  • Identify capacity, opportunity, and gaps
  • Recommend best path forward for specific goals
  • Consult on key talent decisions

Strategic People Planning

  • Co-create a People Strategy
  • Utilize validated assessments to identify competencies and capacity
  • Consult on best practices for people decisions and growth
  • Succession planning support

Talent Development

  • Utilize proven and validated assessments for insight
  • Create developmental KPIs for participants and progress measurements
  • Provide resources to support development process
  • EQuip people to become change embracing, agile and resilient
  • Develop leadership pathways customized to the organization

Virtual Workspace Solutions

  • Assessments that predict success in the hiring process
  • Clarity on how to best manage remote workers – individualized through assessment tools
  • Ongoing measures of organizational and team health and vitality
  • Empowering leaders and employees to lead themselves and others well through change
  • Equipping all employees to become more agile, resilient and self-motivated through validated assessment tools and proven methodologies

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