Transformation Consulting

Real change -change that works- comes from the inside out and is called transformation. Whether change is desired for an individual, a team, or an entire organization, the transformation process is similar. It begins with each individual and a decision to engage or disengage. Research says that approximately 70% of change efforts fail. You don’t have to be a part of that 70%. We can help you develop and implement successful change.

Research On Change Efforts

Failure Rate 70%
Success Rate 30%

Driving Change

“Change will only succeed as long as the energy behind the change effort is greater than the energy behind the resistance to change.” -Steve Goodner

 Whether the desired change is in performance or culture, sustainable change (transformation) is a process of engagement and alignment…and more.

Consulting to facilitate “change” is unique to each organization. To achieve the desired results, leadership must consider their preferred future, and what it will take to get there. The consulting tools and processes we use are specific to the situation and the organization.

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