Every hiring opportunity is an opportunity to move the organization closer to it’s preferred future. Finding the right FIT© candidate can be the difference in achieving important goals…or not. Turnover is a huge expense, with the actual cost being as much as 2-7 times annual compensation for the position (or more for higher level positions).

Hiring Methodology

We have developed a proven methodology to enhance the hiring process. This methodology considers the specific positional, team, organizational and cultural needs. It is customized for the hiring manager. The utilization of a customized assessment package provides greater predictability of candidate success.

Hiring Process

The FIT© methodology has been 25 years in development and practice, and provides clarity of focus on the specific needs, consensus between decision makers and direction in how to most effectively source candidates. Assessment packages are designed for each hiring opportunity to provide information that is best suited to that hire. Professional feedback is provided.

People want to belong to something bigger than themselves -something that has meaning and purpose.

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